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Block Wall Experts

Looking to hire a Block Wall Repair & Installation Contractor in St George, UT?

Out of all the available fencing options, none come close to the durability that block walls can offer. Homes and businesses can benefit for a lifetime from strong, durable block barriers designed with appearance in mind, as well as other features like safety and privacy. These walls can also be used as retaining walls, reshaping the layout of a property to prevent erosion or to create a flatter yard. If you’re considering a block wall for any property, let A-Jackson masonry the Block Wall Experts help. Our team offers assistance from an expert block wall contractor for installation, repair, replacement, or demolition of block walls for any type of property.  

What Is A Block Wall

​Block walls are simply walls made from concrete masonry units (CMU), also known as cinder blocks. The basic wall is made using cinder blocks, and then brick or stone veneers can be added to make the overall design of the wall more attractive. Customers also like to have stucco applied to their walls for a smooth finish.
Due to their durability, these walls are perfect for any property type, can be any size needed, and can provide added curb appeal, extra safety around a property, increase privacy, and far more. Block enclosures are easy and fast to construct, and they provide a number of benefits over the other types of fencing available.

block wall experts

Easy Block Wall Maintenance and Repair ​

​Block walls are known for being easy to maintain and repair. Maintenance includes cleaning the wall regularly with a pressure washer or power washer to remove dirt, grime, mildew, and other contaminants from the wall. If there is any damage noticed during the regular maintenance, it is generally easy for a contractor to repair the wall.  

In most cases, filling the damaged area is all that’s needed. Sealants can be used to keep the wall in good condition. When necessary, part or all of the wall can be replaced to fix the damaged areas. One of our contractors can review the maintenance needed before the installation of a new wall or help with the maintenance and repair, ensuring your block partition continues to be in good shape for as long as possible. Give us a ring and one of our experienced ​masons will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Block Wall Options and Design Flexibility

The basic block wall fence is simply a wall made from concrete blocks. However, there are ways to make the wall look far more attractive, adding to the curb appeal of the property. The designs for a block wall are very flexible, so it’s possible to create the look you want yet still have the strength and durability that the concrete blocks provide. 

When you’re thinking about the design for the wall, you’ll be able to consider the color, size, and texture options for the blocks. You can also pick out special accents to be added to the wall or use a veneer to make the wall look better. Veneers are available for brick, cast stone, granite, limestone, stucco, and more. The fence can be as tall or as short as you’d like and build along the property line or wherever you would like it, so you have a fence that meets your needs exactly.

High Strength ​

​A cinder block fence is a perfect option when strength is needed. Depending on the design, retaining walls or block walls can be stacked and interlocked with specialized pins, allowing them to be constructed without mortar. Other block fencing does use mortar to hold the wall together and in place. Frost footings may not be needed, again depending on the construction, so there is less to worry about during the construction and less that could fail in the future. 
Once the blocks are connected, and in place, the wall can withstand quite a bit. Weather, accidents and more will not likely cause a catastrophic failure of the fence. If there is any damage, it is easy to replace broken blocks or a section of the wall or to repair the wall without having to replace anything.

Long-Lasting Durability

Concrete can last for years, despite the weather elements. Walls built from this material likewise offer long-lasting durability and will often last much longer than other types of fencing. Metal fencing can suffer from rust, wood fencing suffers from rot, and vinyl fencing can be easily damaged during adverse weather conditions. A concrete block wall, on the other hand, does not suffer from any of these issues. A concrete wall fence is going to last much longer compared to metal, wood, or vinyl fencing, so you don’t have to worry as much about the cost of repair or the cost to replace the fencing in just a few short years.  

expert block wall installer st george

​Pest, Fire, and Weather-Resistant

Wood fences are susceptible to termites, mold fungus, ants, and more. They also burn quickly if there is a fire. With masonry or concrete fencing, this isn’t a worry. The concrete is not susceptible to bugs, as there are no bugs who eat through concrete. If there is a crack, pests can get inside the concrete, but it is easy enough to repair this and prevent further damage. Fire isn’t a worry either, as the concrete fencing will not burn and collapse like a wood fence will. 

Concrete block walls are also better at withstanding the elements compared to other types of fencing. Metal, wood, and vinyl fencing can be knocked down in high winds or damaged by hail and other weather concerns. Block walls, on the other hand, will still be standing after the weather event has ended and most likely will not need any repairs. If you’re looking for something that can withstand just about any issues, a block wall fence is the best option.

Before You Build A Block Retaining Wall

A land survey is needed before a retaining wall is created so that it is possible to see how the wall will impact water flow and drainage. Then, the wall needs to be designed to reduce or eliminate the pressure of soil and water behind the wall, so it will not end up bulging, cracking, or failing. Our team is experienced in retaining block walls, and we can create a plan that’s going to fit your needs, your property, and local regulations. Once the plan is in place, the retaining wall can be built and can be used for construction, erosion control, or other projects.  ​

Along with being used as a fence, a block wall can be used as a retaining wall, as well. A block wall builder from our team can review your project and help design the retaining wall to best fit your needs. Some options for block retaining walls include walls used for landscaping purposes or to prevent erosion, basement walls, stairs, walkways, and more. Retaining walls do have high pressure against one side, so they need to be designed properly to handle this pressure.  

block retaining wall

​Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Uses 

Block walls can be designed to fit almost any purpose on any type of property. Commercial and industrial uses include security fencing, privacy fencing, retaining walls during construction, walls to help prevent erosion, and more. Residential uses can include all of the above, as well. Any of the block fence options can be designed with residential, commercial, or industrial use in mind. The walls can be a basic cmu wall, or they can have added design elements to make the wall more attractive. Whether you’re looking for a privacy fence for your home or a wall to prevent unauthorized access to an industrial building, a block wall may be the perfect option.

Contact us today to learn more about the options available for the type of fence or wall you want, no matter what type of property the wall will be built on.  

The Cost Of Block Walls

The one concern you may have about installing a block wall in St. George, Utah is the cost. In general, the block wall cost can vary quite a bit, depending on what you need and what additional factors are chosen. It is vital to make sure you’re working with a contractor who is licensed and who is familiar with local and regional building codes. If the wall is not built up to code, you may be fined and have to replace the wall. By working with A Jackson Masonry, you’ll know that everything is done correctly and that you won’t have to worry about the stability or durability of your fence.

In most cases, the block fence cost is going to be higher than other types of fencing. In general, chain links or wood fences are much less expensive because of the materials used and the way they’re constructed. However, a block wall in St. George will not suffer from rot in just a few years or be damaged by severe weather in your area. There’s little to no upkeep needed, and repairs, when needed, are inexpensive. So, while you’ll pay a little more upfront for a block wall, you’ll end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

Installation of a Block Wall

Once the plan has been created and you’ve decided on the exact look and purpose for the fence, the block wall installation can begin. Our team carefully clears and prepares the area where the block wall will go, then starts the construction based on the plan in place. The plan covers where the fence will be installed, how the installation is done, and what additions are needed after the main wall is constructed. We can install block wall fencing or retaining walls for just about any property and will work carefully to make sure the installation is done correctly. Once we’re done, one of our experts can give you more information on how to care for the wall, if needed, and what to do if the wall does ever need to be repaired.

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