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block wall repairs

How to know if a block wall repairs are needed

Block walls are designed to be durable and to require as little maintenance as possible. They’re rot, pest, fire, and weather resistant, but that doesn’t mean they will always be free from damage. There are a few signs that you may need to call brick wall repair contractors to have a retaining or block wall repaired.

  • Separation From Adjoining Walls – If there appears to be a space between the block wall and an adjoining wall, it could be due to the movement of the block wall pulling away from the adjoining wall. It’s best to have this taken care of immediately to prevent it from pulling away further and starting to move, tilt, or collapse.  
  • Buckling or Bulging – If a retaining wall shows signs of buckling or bulging, it’s likely a sign that the wall is suffering from too much pressure in one or more areas. An expert will be needed to determine why this is occurring and what needs to be done to fix the primary cause.  
  • Cracking or Crumbling Blocks – Cracking or crumbling blocks can be replaced or filled and then sealed. If you notice cracks in the wall, even if they’re due to shifting and do not present a larger threat to the stability of the wall, it’s a good idea to have the repair done quickly. 
  • Forward Movement or Tilting – Retaining walls can suffer from forward movement or tilting if the pressure of water and soil builds up too much behind the wall. It may be necessary to look into why the pressure is building and ways to remove that pressure so the wall can be fixed, and the issue will not occur again.  
  • Damage to Gate – A gate can be damaged in several different ways, from accidents to wear and tear or the weather. If the gate is having trouble opening or closing, looks like it’s leaning, or is showing any other signs of damage, have it repaired. Repairing quickly can prevent the issue from becoming worse over time.  
  • Loose Blocks – Occasionally, a block can become loose. When this happens, the block can be replaced and fixed into place. If you notice a block that sticks out a little from the others or that feels loose, have an expert take a look at it right away. 
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Repairing Block Walls

When there are any signs of damage to the wall, block wall repair should be done quickly. The damaged area will continue to get worse with time if it’s not corrected. In some cases, this can make the wall less stable, so there is the potential for the wall to fail. Our team can handle the masonry restoration if the veneer is damaged or if there are minor issues with the block wall fence. If there are more serious issues, we can also handle the block fence repair for you and make sure the issue is fully corrected. Often, this is more involved than just repairing what is wrong. We’ll need to determine why the issue happened and what needs to be done to prevent it from happening again. Then, we can work on the concrete wall repair to get your wall back in good shape again. 

Removing a Block Wall

If you have a block wall on your property, but you do not want it there anymore, it is possible to remove it. This is usually a large job because the wall will need to be taken apart, and then all of the blocks will need to be removed from your property. The amount of work needed to do this can depend on the size of the wall, any additions like veneers, the current state of the wall, and the location of the wall. However, our team can handle the block wall demolition for you. Our team knows how to remove block walls quickly and correctly, and we’ll remove all of the blocks from your property, so you can reclaim the space and use it for something else. We can schedule the removal for a time that’s convenient for you and will have everything needed to fully remove the wall and all components of the wall from your property.


Block walls in St. George can be an amazing addition to any residential, commercial, or industrial property. The durability and resistance to common issues make it the perfect option for most properties, and once it is built, it will last years with little to no maintenance needed. If you’re interested in adding a block wall fence or a retaining wall to your property, we can help. At A-Jackson Masonry we are St. Georges Block Wall Experts, our team has the experience and expertise needed to help with any of your block wall-related needs, from construction to repair or demolition. Contact us now or check us out in these different places to learn more about how we can help or to start discussing your project.

If your project is outside of the St. George city limits go ahead and check out our different block wall service areas. We serve all around the southern Utah area.

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